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        We prefer that your banner please be no larger than 400x100 pixels (although we can probably make an exception if it's 468 x 60 now that more computers in Mexico are becoming more powerful and can handle the slightly added width).   We do strongly prefer, though, that your banner please be of the .gif format, since we do not host flash banners, and since .gifs download faster than .jpegs.   We could produce a very basic banner for you for free if you make a pre-payment of $9 via a monthly subscription (that you can cancel at any time at no extra cost to you).  

      We do recommend, though, that you please host your own banner.   Why?   One reason is that through our code-sourcing system you can both modify your banner whenever you like and measure the quantity of daily (etc.) impressions that our directories generate for it.  Hosting it externally also helps our bilingual directories download more quickly for their tens of thousands of daily unique visitors.  In fact, nobody hosts their banners on our directories.  We "refer" them all from external sites through html coding.  Our increasingly numerous banner sponsors really enjoy the abovementioned features while affordably taking on the giants in their industries, and catching them in a growing number of cases.  May we begin fortifying your sales online through promoting your logo or banner? Here is a list of some affordable, skilled banner designers...

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